Warranty Condition

Free Services

The first and second free service increases the efficiency of the motorcycle and keeps it in good condition. Free services will not be charged except for materials and consumables. In order to be valid after-sales service (Shahin Motor Company commitments require first motorcycle service up to 1 km or up to one month after delivery (whichever comes first) and second free service up to 2 km or up to 2 months after delivery ( Whichever comes first) to be performed by one of the authorized dealers of Shahin Motor Company.

Activate after-sales service

After-sales service and warranty will be valid when the first customer or seller immediately after the motorcycle has delivered the proprietary code of warranty and information required to the Shahin Motors after-sales service system.

Register at www.shahinmotor.com. Or to register at a dealership that has a RFID code.

After registering and activating the warranty code, the booklet containing the after-sales service card and two first and second free service cards will be active and usable by the first customer according to the motorcycle specifications that will be inserted by the authorized dealer.

After-sales service will only be valid when the initial service is within the time and kilometer set by the authorized dealer. Free after-sales service is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts (as determined by the after-sales service representative and endorsed by the Shahin Motor Company and the relevant payroll according to the after-sales service card issued to the customer. The title of the free after-sales service must be approved by authorized dealers and approved by the Shahin Motors after-sales service center.

Warranty Coverage

The motorcycle purchased by you has a 3 month warranty as stated below and a 3 year warranty:


No. Covered Items Time limit remark
1 Color of fuel tank and body inside  

3 month

Accidental damage, impact, contact with acidic substances, Scratches and fire accident are out of warranty
2 Repairing services  

2 month

 Authorized repair shop
3 Brake pad 3 month ——-
4 battery 6 month ——-
5 Clutch board 6 month ——-
6 Tire and Tube 12 month ——-
7 Replacement part in representation 6 month Defects caused by non-standard installation
8 Electrical parts 2 month Disadvantages of installing any additional equipment and manipulation by unauthorized repairersAre out of warranty
9 Seat, chain and rim 6 month ——–
10 Shock absorber 6 month In case leakage

Out of warranty items

1- Consumables including oil, air filter, brake fluid and battery water do not include warranty and the customer is required to pay the cost.

2- Accidental crashes and inappropriate use of motorcycles such as acrobatic motions and demonstration maneuvers

3- Disadvantages of using city-specific motorcycles in rally and speed competitions

4- Damage due to accidents and disasters such as floods, earthquakes, lightning and storms

5- Damages caused by fires and natural disasters, disturbances

6- Disadvantages of improper repairs performed by unauthorized repair shops

7- Damage caused by not moving a motorcycle and stopping for long periods of time and not using it

8- Improper or non-standard problems with the use of oils, liquids, oil filters and fuel.

9- Any staining or loss of color of the seal.

10- Disabling or Managing the Distance Meter to Change the Customer’s Function Distance In addition to the warranty cancellation, product specifications are also sent to all agencies for information.

11- Disadvantages of installing additional and non-standard components such as alarm and … or changes in the technical specifications of the motorcycle