Police three-stage collision with offender motorcyclists

in News 4 February 2020

Traffic Deputy of the Road Police of the capital stated: In the first stage, traffic police officers alert motorbikes to offenders and are fined if necessary and subject to law enforcement.

Colonel Rezaei continued: In the second stage, he committed four violations, including driving while prohibited from entering a special lane, crossing a red light, not using a helmet, crossing sidewalks, performing demonstrations, covering and tampering with the license plate. Their vehicle enforcement is also banned

He said: “In the third stage, if the offenders are repeatedly violated, in addition to enforcing their records, their vehicle will be seized and the offending motorcyclist will be directed to the motorcyclists’ training classes.”

The traffic police deputy chief of the capital said: In those classes, they would report offenses and incidents that were lurking in motorcyclists,

showing photos and videos of previous samples and accidents, and then returning their documents.

Colonel Rezaei said: “If these motorcycles are completed after these four stages, they will have a much more serious impact.”

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