Details of implementation of new range of traffic from July 1st in Tehran

in News 4 February 2020

Deputy Mayor of Tehran Mohsen Poursid Aghaei on the implementation of the traffic plan; from the beginning of July, said: The traffic plan is implemented in the central area of Tehran like last year. With the exception that the couple’s or individual plan will be eliminated from the beginning of July, the air pollution control zone design will be implemented in the second area (former couple or individual) instead.

He emphasized the end of the couple’s or individual’s plan in the capital: In this plan, Tehran license plate cars are allowed 2 days per season (and non-Tehran license plate 4 days) in the second zone (former couple or person). Even the number or number of license plates has no effect on determining the days allowed and the criterion is simply the number of days to arrive.

The deputy mayor of Tehran emphasized the necessity of registering cars in the Tehran My system and said that all owners of private cars residing in Tehran as well as residents of other cities intending to travel to Tehran by car should enter the first and second traffic zones in the system((My Tehran ))have been registered at so they can enjoy a free 7 day traffic control range

According to Poursid Agayi, traffic congestion in the range of air pollution control in days beyond the permissible number (2 days) is half of the traffic congestion designated.

The deputy mayor of Tehran stated that in order to encourage more citizens to legislate and reduce penalties, a one-month deadline has been set for paying traffic toll and preventing fines, meaning that if citizens Get into your traffic plan but have insufficient funds in your account, have one month to pay off your debt to avoid being on the penalty list.

He said: Using this deadline and receiving an alert text message is subject to registration in the “My Tehran” system.

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